OTHA USB Microphone PC Professional Condenser Microphone 4 Patterns with RGB and Noise Reduction

Sale price$59.99 USD


  • BRIGHT RGB LIGHTING WITH DYNAMIC EFFECTS - Personalize stunning RGB lighting and dynamic effects for a striking shooting with customizable style. The professional microphone has latency-free monitoring and an integrated headphone output, volume control, noise reduction and microphone mute to listen and manage the voices in real time.
  • Provides 3 special capsules & 4 directional characteristics: cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo. Transmit voices and audio with outstanding presence and detail for professional recording and streaming with the legendary broadcast sound.
  • Easy plug and play: simply connect USB microphone to a free USB port on your Mac or PC, start your recording software (e.g. garage tape, logic, Adobe audition and Audacity), or adjust your microphone settings in your transmission/streaming application, and you're ready to go. Adjust the microphone gain with the easily accessible button. Compatible with any PC, laptop, PS4, Mac (◆◆Not compatible with Xbox).
  • Shockproof design: the PC gaming microphone impresses with a heavy metal design. Its high-quality elastic holder neutralises surface vibrations and thus prevents bumps in your recordings, so that your keystrokes do not even migrate over the microphone stand. Perfect for DAW recording, podcast, Twitch, Youtube, accompanying comments, singing parts!
  • Distortion free monitoring of sound transmission: By monitoring the mixture between voice transmission in real time and the sound output of the computer, it is ensured that all streams are excellent.

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