Politique de remboursement


About the procedure of return

You are responsible for shipping costs for returns and exchanges.

Please follow the steps below to complete the return procedure.

For products that are eligible for return and exchange, perform the following steps.


■Product Return Service Conditions

Conditions for returning defective products (refund/exchange)

IF you receive a defective product or a product different from the one ordered, we will replace it with a non-defective product or refund it. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers.


■Return Inquiry Process

①After the product arrives, check the product,please.

②Please apply from the "Return to Search" button in the order history of "My Page".

How to check returns?

The return query button will only be displayed within 14 days after the arrival of the product.

After applying for inquiry, please wait for the guidance of the service support staff and follow the instructions.


■Return Conditions

All the following conditions must be true:

Please contact us within 14 days to obtain a return.

The product is not used.

The product label and box are in the same condition as when delivered.


■ If you cannot get a refund or exchange

In the following cases, even if the product is defective, we will not accept returns or exchanges.

Product after wearing.

The packaging is damaged.

Products with wrinkles, stains and odors after the product arrives.

Products that come into direct contact with the skin, such as clothing and jewelry.

The Items  are washed, cleaned, crimped, repaired, etc. by the customer.

People who smell tobacco and perfume after trying on them.

The product label is gone.

When attaching the invoice directly to the outer box and returning it.

The customer scratches or soils the product or the contents of the outer box.

In addition, after confirming the arrival time, it was judged that there was a clear sense of use.

Discounted products, such as lucky bags, set products and promotional products.

It is not an OTHA product.


*If the returned product does not meet the requirements, we will return the product to the customer through payment.

*If the package contains items other than the product at the time of return, or if it is returned without contact, we will keep it for 3 days after contacting us, but if the storage period has passed, we will keep it. We will discard it for any reason.


■Notes on refund

We will refund by transfer according to the refund date specified by our company.

Regarding the refund amount, only the amount paid by the customer in cash will be refunded.

The credits used are returned as integrals.

Use of coupons and activities cannot be refunded.

With respect to points at the time of purchase, we will cancel the given points.


■IF you want to use the defect-free product return service

IF there are no defective parts in the delivered product, but you want to return it for your own convenience, we can use the non-defective product return service.

Points will be refunded or refunded, so before using the service.

Please check the following for detailed information and precautions about the content and conditions of the service.

Please check the non-defective product return service for details.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding.


1.[Service Support]

Program method email messages

Please wait about a day until the email is sent.



Packaging and returning products


Note when returning goods

Thank you for using OTHA.

When returning a return, please check the "Return Notes" below and prepare for your return.


■Note about returning goods

Please make sure to return the returned product in the original bag.

When returning an item, please inquire about the return in advance. The procedure regarding the return procedure.

Please ship within 10 days after accepting the return.

Please return the product packaging/outer box/label in the same format as at the factory.

Since the packaging is also part of the product, please do not attach the shipping note directly to the shoe box.

If you discard the original bag, please put it in a plastic bag and return it.

If it is returned in another product bag, the return process will take some time.

If you have any accessories (belts, etc.), make sure to return them as well.


■Frequently asked questions about packaging when returning goods

Q: What should I use for the return box?

Please put it in the box when shipping and return it.

*If the packing box at the time of delivery has been discarded, please return it in your own packing box or bag.

*If the product is returned in a dirty cardboard or bag, the product may become dirty and we may not be able to accept the return.


Q: If I return two order numbers, can I return them together? Do I need to pack it separately?

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, But please pack the goods according to the order number so that we can process the return according to the order number.

If the products you return have the same order number, you can return multiple products together without any problems.

We kindly ask you to cooperate in returning the product according to the above precautions.



Return confirmation

The confirmation work will be completed within about a week after the product arrives in the warehouse.


[Service Support]

Exchange or refund or points refund procedure


[Shipping Replacement Products]

After returning the product, we will ship the replacement product as soon as it arrives.

You can check the availability of replacement products on "My Page".


If you have any questions, please contact us.(cs@otha.net)