Before COVID-19, watching movies on a big screen used to be an expensive recreation. You have to either spend on going to the cinemas (add in overpriced popcorn) or buy an expensive huge-panel TV at home. However, by owning a value-for-money home projector, you can now enjoy the same theatre experience right in your own home without burning a hole in your pocket.

Enjoy yourself good time
The COVID period is a downer. It is made worse given the government ban on gatherings or visitation. This shouldn’t stop you from showing love for your good time.  Project a 100 inch screen in your room and ZOOM yourself from the comfort of your bed.

Bed time stories are unique moments for parents to have with their children. Utilize a projector to make your children look forward to bedtime (seriously).  You can breathe life into your stories by flashing animals of a zoo or short educational videos.