I have to say that I am deeply impressed by this projector


Setup was very simple and instructions provided were very easy to comprehend. I had this projector on and projecting my movie from my cell phone within about 2 minutes of taking it out of the package. I have to say that I am deeply impressed by this projector and I spent everynight this past weekend watching several movies on my back patio. The internal battery did last me through almost 2 movies each night and recharge time was about 2 hours when the battery was down to about 20%. The Audio Volume was adequate sitting close to it but you can also plug an external speaker to it if you would like. Unlike the more expensive projectors that have Android TV that you have to constantly mess with and download updates, the projector works directly with your cell phone or table either by HDMI or Mirroring and I also found that you can load your movies / pictures / music onto a USB-2 Flash Drive with exFat format and it will play those files as well. Another Great Feature is that I plugged my Amazon Firestick into the HDMI port and was able to watch HULU, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video - just about anything. The Keystone feature on this projector works great. The Remote works great.It is very portable, the size and weight is great for traveling. The image and lighting is good for what I use it for. We have projected a few videos onto a wall to try it out. It did seem a little dim, but sound was great.