Enjoy watching movies on a super big screen


To enjoy watching movies on a super big screen, can you only go to the cinema to experience it? However, with the advanced technology, it is a very simple thing to carry your own movie theater (that is, a home theater).


Nowadays, more and more people abandon the TV when decorating and choose to install a projector directly to build a home theater system. But the penetration rate of projectors is relatively low now, so let's talk about what needs to be configured for projectors today. The cinema system is mainly: projector, audio, curtain, but the curtain can also not be bought, if you don't buy the curtain, the wall at home is a good substitute. However, the wall that is used as a substitute for the curtain must be a white wall, and the wall must be flat, otherwise it will affect the viewing effect! Moreover, the area of ​​the wall should not be too small, otherwise the projection will not be complete, do you still have the mood to watch it?


n  Projector

A good projector must meet the following conditions.

First of all, the picture quality must be good. Now many movies are Blu-ray level. If the projector picture quality is not good, the movies are mosaic, I believe you are not in the mood to watch any more.


Second, the cost performance is high, why is it cost performance rather than price? Because since you want to buy it, the picture quality must be good. The most important factor affecting the picture quality is the resolution of the projector. The higher the resolution, the higher the clarity, but the higher the price. Considering the price and other factors, the screen resolution of home projection cannot be lower than 854×480.

Moreover, the choice of projector is generally based on the projection distance at home, so we need to determine the projection distance at home first. The current best visual ratio is 16:9, which is the aspect ratio of the video displayed on the screen. The same projector, the projection distance is different, the size of the picture we see is not the same.

There will be differences in how much each household is, and you can choose according to your own specific situation. If the space at home is small, then we can choose DLP projector; if the whole home is dark, we can choose CRT projector. The projector can be hoisted or placed directly on a tripod or coffee table. For hoisting, you need to punch holes on the wall. Although it is troublesome, it does not take up space, so you can choose according to your own situation.


Mini projector is a new trend for the public to watch movies. It is difficult to purchase. The best solution is to watch more and compare more. Based on the principle of cost performance, compare them one by one, and finally get a product that satisfies you.